Friday, March 23, 2012

A Great Big Rant. HOLD THE DOOR!

The rudest thing EVER, in my opinion, is not thanking somebody for holding the door for you. Second rudest, not holding the door for them. At school, next-to-nobody acknowledges the fact that you held the door for them. And it really just gets on my last nerve. Especially since, it's always a huge group. I'll hold the door for anybody, if I see them coming (there are a few who I don't see, and I always feel badly that I didn't hold the door for them), but 99% of the time, it's groups of at least seven people. I'm not your personal attendant, my job isn't to hold the door for you. I do it because it's polite, and I'd want somebody to hold the door for me. Now, I don't expect a huge flowery Shakespearean speech. (note: I would marry anybody who gave me one for holding the door.) However, a nod, smile, or, Dios forbid, a "thank you" would be nice. So, if you're reading this, next time you see anybody, hold the door for them!
Once, I walked down to the library. I, all 5 feet 1.5 inches of myself, was carrying my turtle-like backpack, had a jacket, my purse, my binder, papers, and a pen in my hands. I got to the door the same time as three guys. Three, at least six foot guys, who were carrying NOTHING. NOTHING! They had a good foot, and fifty pounds on me! And were TOTALLY. UNLADEN. Actually, they got there a few seconds before me. Still, we got there. They stood on the other side, and waited for me to open the door for them. Then, they barreled through. I did not get a single acknowledgement for holding the door. Not a thank you, not a smile, nothing. They acted like I owed it to them. Well, guess what? You're going to want a sandwich later. AND I'M NOT MAKING YOU A SANDWICH! So you can STARVE, FOO!
I don't need men to carry my stuff, or help me over puddles, or battle dragons for me. I can open my own doors, but it's just nice to open a door for somebody. Anybody! And everybody! So, if you are reading this, you better open doors for people. Or I will hunt you down and hurt you! Then, you will have to follow me around for a week, and open every. single. door. Every one. Just for being a jerk. And, if you don't read this, I'm subliminally messaging you, telling you to open doors for people! Because it's rude not to.

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