Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Things to Do

If you haven't noticed, I've been doing a little mini-series of blog posts. (Do you guys like the series thing? Or mini-series? I think it's easy to write about and find topics with. But I want to know how you guys feel. Is it boring? Or nice?) They're all in regards to New York, and, more specifically, Manhattan. Now, you know what I'm packing and where I'm going. However, you do not know what I shall do once there!
Well, let me start by saying: in these dreams I have a limitless, Kardashian-esque bank account. So I stay where I want, go where I want, do what I want, and have zero regard for cost. The way I see it, I'm not going anywhere, because I have no money. So, why should it matter? These are not even possible plans. Just dreamed up. Now that that's out of the way, on with the show!
Thanks to my mother, I have been endowed with hoity-toity tastes. In my dreams, I'm staying at the Four Seasons. (Since that's the only place I'll ever be able to afford a room there.)
Now on to the main events! There are some old favorites, mixed in with classics, mixed in with new favorites. Everyone wants to go see Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty. I've seen her. It's quite boring, as is Ellis Island. Nothing fun about it. I mean, yeah, it's a part of history and how the majority of us came to be in this country, but it's boring as crap.
Instead, I'd like to:

  • drive over the Brooklyn bridge, especially at night

  • go to Dylan's Candy Bar

  • pick up something really awesome for Bug at FAO Schwarz (okay.. So I really like that store, too...)

  • go to Tiffany's (duh! what self-respecting female AND/OR Audrey Hepburn fan WOULDN'T go to the Manhattan Tiffany's??? Not I.)

  • walk down Broadway, maybe go see a show. (I'd totally go see "The Lion King" again. It was AMAZING! I cried.)

  • spend an afternoon in Central Park. I've eaten a pretzel there but I've never really been to Central Park. I'd love to see the zoo.

  • walk down Fifth Avenue

  • check out the Rockefeller Center

  • go to the ginormous Macy's there. It's been the site of too many Christmas movies for me NOT to go.

  • at least go stand outside of the Empire State Building and look at it

  • visit the New York Public Library. Yes, the ones with the stone lions outside of it.

  • check out Little Italy, Chinatown, and Greenwich Village just because

  • walk through some of the museums. And really walk through them, not just run in, look at everything as fast as I can, and run out

  • take a train. Whenever we go, we stay with my aunt on Long Island and I just love riding the train. It feels so vintage and fabulous and home-y. Plus, I love to people-watch and that is the perfect place. I'm fond of Penn Station myself.

  • And, of course, the one thing you MUST do in New York, visit Times Square.

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