Sunday, March 11, 2012

Four Days of FREEDOM!

Due to the Cosmos aligning correctly and the gods smiling upon us, I have a four day weekend this week! (Actually, it was just unused snow days.. Because I live in a subtropical environment and snow, while still occasional, never actually falls when desired.) But my weekend has been PACKED!!
Friday, I went to Cheddar's with Ben and his family. It was quite funny. Ben went through my purse and smelled everything, then yelled at me when I had a blank permission form.
This is my bag. It's huge and filled with stuff.
Then, he and I made his mom's whole car smell like Japanese Cherry Blossoms, along with his entire bedroom, and most of his house. (Bath and Body Works does not skimp when it comes to fragrance. I love it!) Then we went back to his house and I hid under his bed. Confused the crap out of his brother, since I found a spoon under Ben's bed right as Max walked in. So all Max saw was this arm holding a spoon coming out from under his brother's bed.
Saturday, Krysten, Mama, and I all went to The Bellydance Store. It was fabulous.
Krysten, Mama, Dicki, and me. Dicki couldn't come Saturday, though =(
Krysten didn't get anything *wink wink* *nudge nudge*, but Mama and I got some stuff. Mama got a whole new costume, it's so pretty! And I got a new top.
After The Bellydance Store, we picked up cheesecake at a castle-sized Cheesecake Factory. It was HUGE! On our drive home, I scared the crap out of Krysten. We were just entering the highway as I suddenly screamed, "OH MY GOSH!!! THAT'S A COOL CAR!!" She nearly peed herself, Mama just drove like nothing strange happened. Once Krysten stopped hyperventilating, my mom just calmly looked at her and said, "Oh, yeah. My daughter sometimes has sudden outbursts like that."
Saturday night, we all peed ourselves with laughter. Krysten had a party. Sheila read from "The Bloggess" and so we all decided that we needed five foot metal chickens. There was "quite" a lot of humor. (Any of the bellydancers will get it, the rest of you are in the dark. Mwah ha ha!)
Finally, there is today, for tomorrow hasn't happened yet. Today, I went to the mall. Ohh what a lovely place! I went to some of my favorite stores. Victoria's Secret, where I got a free lip gloss. Quite scnazzy. The Body Shop, where I got a Pink Grapefruit body butter and a Lemon body butter. And Club Tabby, where my mom and I got GLITTER!! We didn't have enough time to go to Bath and Body Works, but that's okay.
Tomorrow is a mystery. I don't think I'm going to do anything, which is quite nice. 

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