Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I love this holiday. It's super cliched, but that's really a big part of its charm. So what if everyone gets roses/chocolate/cute stuffed things/engaged/various jewels and bobbles? That's really part of the charm! It's so cute and sweet. And cheesy. But so what?
However, there is one part of Valentines Day that I find to be silly.
Except this one...
So... If roses are supposed to be a sign of love, no wonder so many relationships fail. I mean, they're half-dead when you buy them, covered in chemicals, picked so only the prettiest survive, and genetically mutated. I'd much rather have a gourd than roses. I mean, what can you do with roses? Nothing. Stick them in a glass of water and watch them wilt and cover your table in gunk (or drive your cats crazy, if you have flower-eating cats like I do). Now a gourd? Those things are hearty, flawed, have little patches of dirt, and are quite pleasant, hearty little things. Plus, you can eat them! You can't (well, shouldn't) eat a rose (not rose hips.. Just the actual rose). But a gourd? You can eat them!! And they're good! Plus, they don't wilt and turn gross in three days.
That's just my little thing on roses vs. gourds (personally, I'd prefer a nice, hearty pumpkin). 

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