Monday, February 6, 2012

Husband Numero Dos

So, I posted about Fibonacci earlier and my love for him. My intense, raging love. However, he is not the only mathematician that I adore. I also have a burning passion for Monsieur Mobius.

A mathematician and astronomer that kind of looks like a fish, Mobius was German and lived in the 1800's. He's known for a few things. But, what I admire most, he created the MOBIUS STRIP!!! This handy little thing is quite impressive.

Go get a thin strip of paper. Go on. I'll wait. Oh! And tape. Or glue. And scissors. Or, you can do what I do, and just go get a Fruit By The Foot.
Now, take the strip and bend it into a loop. Before you glue/tape it shut, twist it once. Now, tape or glue it together. Oh! You'll need a marker, too. Or a pen.
What your Mobius strip should look like after you fold it

Now, draw a line around the shape. You aren't done until you meet with your original starting point. Notice something cool?
Yeah. You just drew on both sides of your loop without flipping it over. That's because Mobius strips are one-sided figures!! These things are pretty handy and actually found everywhere.
Conveyor belts, typewriter ribbons, and fashion. A huge trend lately has been scarves. They're wrapped in Mobius strips.

Now! Take your scissors and cut right down that line. Now, a normal loop would just cut in two and you would have two loops. Mobius strips, as we should expect, are MUCH cooler than ordinary strips. Done cutting? Good. Now I can spoil it. It will make ONE GIANT MOBIUS STRIP!!! So cool. What happens if you cut around just the one edge? (There's only one edge to it. Test it. Make a new strip and draw a line around just one edge.) Well, it makes a huge Mobius strip and a tiny one looped around the middle! So cool.

For some more Mobius fun, check out ViHart's videos. Quite stellar.
Quite stellar, I must say. Check out her website for more!!

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