Monday, February 6, 2012

My Hubbie

Sorry I haven't posted in FOREVER.. I feel terrible about that. However! I am back! And plan to post more frequently. Don't be afraid to give me ideas for what to post. I had so many before I started to blog. Now... Nothing.

Onwards and upwards, today I'm going to post about something that I'm quite passionate about!! Math. And then, getting a lot more narrowed, Fibonacci.
So, Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician in the 1200's. (Wo0t! Go Italians!) He wrote some books. But that's not why I love him (don't get me wrong. I love English and reading and Literature and stuff. However, as much as I love books and refuse to go anywhere without them, I love math more. A lot more.)

Fibonacci is well-known (amongst the mathemagicians, anyway) for his set of numbers: The Fibonacci Sequence. The very name just makes me smile.
The Fibonacci sequence is a lovely little sequence that starts with 1 and 0. To get the next integer, you must add the two prior. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc., etc. What's so cool about that? Not much. It's what it does/where it is that's the cool part!
So, pretty schnazzy, the numbers actually approach the Golden Ratio which is the most eye-pleasing ratio there is. They actually make a pretty pimp little spiral. To make this spiral, take a 1x1 square. Stack another 1x1 square on top. To the right, add a 2x2. Above that, a 3x3. To the left, a 5x5, an 8x8 goes beneath, and (though this is nowhere near the end, but just to round it out,) add a 13x13 to the right. Now, draw a line in the diagonals. This should make a pretty cute little spiral that is wondrous!
How your blocks should be set up
What the spiral should look like. This one's upside-down but it's the same spiral.
Starting to recognize it? Well, if you've been to the beach lately, you should. This spiral is INCREDIBLY common in nature. As are the numbers. However, instead of writing it all out, I will give you three videos to explain. ViHart does a pretty swell job of explaining it.

If you're still confused or have something else to say or add, comment. I'll be glad to either explain it or find the answer for you!! Or you can check out ViHart's website, it's a pretty swell place.

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