Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My mama still has videos of one of my ultrasounds, and one-and-a-smidgen of Kyle's ultrasounds. (In mine, she was about four months along. In Kyle's, there's a bit of one when she first found out she was pregnant, and then a full one of a longer-gestated Kyle.) I was recently watching the video of my ultrasound, and it is just so cool.
It's weird to think of myself as I do not know myself. There are very few pictures of my mother's pregnancy, and only one (known) ultrasound of her with me. So it's just strange. There are all sorts of pictures of infant me. In fact, there are tons of pictures of me as a baby. So that isn't weird. But to see myself as a fetus is weird. It's especially weird to hear my parents refer to me as a boy. I've always known that I am a girl, so it's just natural for people to refer to me as a girl. However, my parents chose to keep my gender an unknown until I was born. On the ultrasound, you can hear my mom keep referring to me, her daughter, as he/him/his/etc.
But, the coolest part is hearing my parents. My mom sounds so young, excited, and utterly in love. I know she loves my brother and me very much. But it's just weird hearing that level of absolute adoration directed to a stranger and an unknown. It's just so cool. I actually started tearing up a little bit hearing her excitement. Every time I moved, you could hear her excitedly tell my dad, "Look, he's moving his little arm. Oh! Look at his little lips." At one point, I "waved" at them. It's just awesome.
And then there's my dad. He's never been one for really emotional expression, that's always my mom. We actually tease him because his way of saying that something is really awesome is nodding his head and going, "Cool." But, on the video, he just kept saying, "Wow." I would kick, "wow." The ultrasound technician would pan over to my feet, "wow." The funniest part, for me, was when the tech told them how much I weighed. She told them in grams, the universal measurement. My dad, to better put it into a tangible amount, said, "Wow. That's almost two bowls of cereal. ... Froot Loops." So, at five-months incubated, I weighed as much as two bowls of Froot Loops.
I don't know if any of you will really care, but I thought that it was really cool to see pre-Dylan Dylan, and to hear my mama get all excited over it. Maybe I'm just a wuss like that. Who knows? I cry at the ending of The Little Mermaid.

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