Sunday, August 12, 2012


For a few years now, whenever I think about roommates, I really just want to live with guys. I have little desire to live with other girls, and no desire to live alone. (Everybody tells me that I will "grow out of this," but I am a nervous narwhal and really don't think that living on my own would be right for me.)
Back on track now. Whenever I mention wanting just guy roommates, everybody tries to deter me from it. I don't know why, but I would much prefer to live with three/four guys and my cat than three/four girls and my cat. (My cat is a given in any living situation. I'd be lost without my Zoe-Bowie.) And I don't understand it. I'm not a mind reader, and I certainly do not know everything there is to know. Why is my desire to live with men so taboo?
I've gotten that it's a bad idea because they'd just hit on me and stuff. But, guys don't hit on me now. How is knowing that I sleep with a movie on going to make me any more attractive? That mindset does not make sense to me. Young as I am, I'm pretty sure that not all guys are total sleaze-bags, and I'm pretty sure that I could find nice, non-sleazy roommates.
It's not that I prefer guys to girls or anything like that. I can just see myself living with guys more easily than I can see myself living with girls. But who knows? Not I. I'm not moving out for a few more years. So it's totally up in the air whether or not Zoe and I live alone, or with a girl, or with a guy, or with many girls, or with many guys, or with a mixture.
I guess I just want to know, what's the big deal with co-ed living? Certainly there are older, and wiser people reading. So, what's your take on it? Who would you like to live with? Girls? Guys? Both? Neither? Maybe I'm just an oddball. Maybe I'm just ignorant on the discussion of roommates. Maybe it's my young mind at work. Just let me know what you think? =) Thanks.

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