Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This is currently a trending topic on Twitter, in case you couldn't tell by the hashtag. I felt that it would be a nice story to tell, considering I've been neglecting my blog. (Sorry!) My best friend is Ben, in case you don't follow me on twitter or facebook.
It was the second day of my freshman year. (On my first day, I sat alone for 99% of my lunch period. Go, Dylan!) So, I started out sitting alone. Then, a kid that I had met in English class came up and sat across from me.
Now, I will go off on a tangent onto how I met that kid. His name is Cedric, and he has a mustache. I started off freshman year with navy blue hair. So, I was sitting in English class. I was the first kid there. (On the first day, I actually missed English because I was standing in line to get my ID.) The class starts to fill up, and I'm ignored. (Which suits me just fine. I'd rather be ignored and left to my own devices than tripping over my words in a painfully awkward conversation.) Then, Cedric walks in. He starts walking towards me, which kind of worried me. I was afraid that maybe I was in his spot. But, no. Loudly, he tells me that he likes my hair and asks if I can do the same for his hair. I kind of murmur that, probably not. My navy hair was actually and accident, but I could try.
Back to lunch. So, I'm sitting alone, and Cedric sits down across from me, and asks how I like Chorus class. (It's my second day, and I totally can't remember him being in my Chorus class.) I've only had a quarter of a conversation with this kid, so I'm awkwardly looking around, and generally making things awkward. Enter Ben. He comes, and sits next to Cedric. Then, he asks me how I like Chorus class. I don't know him, either. So I ask if the both of them are stalking me or something. Ben laughs and says that he's in my Chorus class, and pointed me out to Cedric. Again, being the awkward aardvark that I am, I kind of giggle.
Then, Cedric and Ben make the biggest mistake. They ask me why I'm wearing earrings in the shape of a two. I suddenly turn from the girl who can't form a full sentence to the girl that won't shut up. Suddenly, I'm spewing information about how two is the best number, why it is that way, how it relates to the Fibonacci sequence, what the Fibonacci sequence is, and other such mathematical jargon.
Then, as quickly as it started, it ended. Once I had exhausted my mathematical knowledge, I shut up and went back to Awkward Dylan. Of course, the two of them were sitting there in stunned silence. Cedric recovered first with, "Cool! I'm sitting next to her now!"
Either later that night, or the next day, I get a friend request from Ben. I didn't know who he was, so I ignored it. Five minutes later, a little chat message pops up from another Chorus friend, Sidney. She asks if I've friended Ben yet, and tells me that he's in our Chorus class. So, I friend him.
Cue the flirting. I've gone into it before, so I'm not going to rehash it. Turns out that Ben wanted to talk to me before, but couldn't get up the nerve to do so. So, thank you, Cedric. Without you, I might not have my best friend.

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