Friday, July 20, 2012

Disney and Feminism

What is with this new kick of harshing Disney movies because they aren't feminist? Is it because Brave just came out or something? I don't understand it. And, to be honest, it kind of irritates me a little.
I consider myself a feminist. And I absolutely adore Disney movies. Because I take them for what they are. They're movies for little kids. They're meant to be fun, child-friendly, appropriate for all ages and homes.
Well, they don't give proper feminist messages!
First of all, look at when they were made. I mean, Snow White came out in 1937, for crying out loud! Beauty and the Beast was made in 1991. I mean, they're pretty old movies. And they're designed for children. (Plus, many of them are based off of fairy tales. The best known are Grimm's fairy tales. Those things are from 1811! There were not many feminists back then.)
Children who care more about singing crabs and fairies than they do about bra burnings or the evils of patriarchy. They don't care if Aurora is repressed! They don't care if Jasmine is nothing more than a sex symbol! THEY'RE FIVE! They only care about the woodland creatures in the Phillip's boots and Genie's next joke.
And, for the older ones, we should be mature enough to take them at what they are. Cartoons. Fun little movies. There's no need to nit-pick the finer details of Cinderella. We can just enjoy Fairy Godmother without giving a dichotomy on her.
Well, what is this teaching our children?
YOU SHOULD BE TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN! You brought the critters into this world. Now raise them. You teach your kids that Cinderella isn't just a piece of meat. It's your job to instill morals, beliefs, and feminist slogans into your children. It's not Disney's job. They don't care. Their princesses are obviously successful. Billions of people love them and their movies. Don't go ruining it for us. We know that Ariel makes bad choices. Teach your kids not to make those same choices.
And, if you honestly hate them so much, don't watch the movies. Don't purchase from Disney. Don't sit your kids in front of the telly to rot their brains with sexist propaganda. Nobody's forcing you to do that.

All in all, just relax. Take the movies for what they are. Children's movies designed for entertainment. Teach your kids that women are not prizes to be won (bonus for anybody who got that reference) and actual people. It's not Disney's job to raise your kids.

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