Monday, July 16, 2012


I recently came across an article opposing tattoos. And, normally, I wouldn't mind. However, this person was just being plain rude, in my opinion. Whenever I mention tattoos I get a slew of responses opposing them. "What will they look like when you're old?" "You're going to regret them." "You're so pretty. Why ruin it with tattoos?" "They'll look gross in a few years." "Have you thought about when you get a job?" "You were made a certain way." "If you're just going to hide them, what's the point?"
Well, let's look at these arguments. Maybe it's just because I'm young, but I would like to voice my opinion anyway.
1) When I age, my tattoos will wrinkle. When I age, my skin will wrinkle. I will be an old prune no matter what. I might as well have fun when I'm young. The way I see it, if a tattoo makes me happy for almost forty years, I can deal with twenty years of grossness. Because that's a permanent memory on me. And, the way I'm planning my tattoos, I won't be faced with them every single day. And, if somebody sees my tattoos and decides that they don't love me because of them, fine. I don't need you anyways.
2) You're going to regret them. Maybe. However, I plan on putting a lot of thought into my tattoos. And, if it's a well thought out, well designed piece of art on me, I won't regret it. And I'd much rather have one bit of screwed-up ink than my entire life regretting not doing something. Many adults have told me something they regret not doing when they were my age. I don't want to ever regret not doing something. I'd much rather regret a few inches of skin after years of happiness than a lifetime of being a stick-in-the-mud.
3) Why ruin your body? The way I see it, I'm enhancing my body with personal, permanent, portable art. Not graffiti. If it makes me happy, then I'm not ruining anything.
4) They'll look gross. Actually, according to this lovely man they're redesigning tattoo ink so it doesn't fade so quickly. I plan on having my tattoos easily hidden. Someplace I won't be faced with them daily. And, again, after years of being happy with it, I'm okay with that. If I really hate it, I can get it removed.
5) A job. This just seems to be everybody's argument against everything. "Don't get piercings. You'll want a job." "Don't get tattooed. Will people hire you?" "Nobody's going to hire somebody with pink hair." Well, I can take my piercings out and cover the small holes with make up. I can dye my hair back or find some place that won't make me change. And, the standby "nobody hires tattooed people." Well, if I hide my tattoos, like I plan to, they won't see it. In fact, I know of a woman with a respectable job that does have a tattoo. And guess what? Nobody knows because nobody sees it. Or! I could be a total rebel, take the Kaylah approach, and become self-employed.
6) The "Born This Way" argument. Well, Lady Gaga, thank you for that. I was also born with terrible vision, but I'm not going to walk into walls. You were born with brown hair, now you're blond. She had her hair chemically straightened. He was born with a heart defect. We were all born this way, and chose to alter ourselves to suit our lives. I'm not judging you for your highlights, please don't judge me for doing what makes me happy.
7) If you're just going to hide them... They make me happy. Do I need another reason? I like them. I want them. If I can buy them and still pay my taxes, why do you care? My mother has dishes for special occasions, just like my tattoos will be. However, nobody tells her she shouldn't have her dishes because you don't see them every day.

All in all, my belief on life is "live and let live." If I'm not hurting you or anybody else, then what business do you have telling me what to do? 

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