Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Sleep. It is a vital process. Everybody needs it. Everybody is friends with sleep. Except me. Sleep and I have a very volatile relationship.
I think I'm programmed to be a night-owl. However, I do not like it, my mother does not like it, and my social life (what little there is) does not like it. However, sleep enjoys toying with me. I can stay up really easily. In fact, I started off this summer going from 10:00 bedtime to midnight to 6:00 in a matter of days. I'm fine with sleeping at midnight or two. I can still wake up in time to be a normal human.
However, if my friends want to do something at 5, I will have to wake up early to get ready. Which is ridiculous. I don't enjoy sleeping all day. Sure, I beat the heat. And everything else there is.
Plus, with my wacky sleep schedule, I'm always tired! Ben came over the other day. I was sleeping when he got there. He woke me up. I stayed awake for half an hour. Then, I fell back asleep for two hours. The only reason it was just two is because he woke me up. I stayed awake for a few hours, but he had to drag me away from the edges of a nap multiple times. We went out for dinner. I passed out in the car. And not cute, snuggles and cuddles napping that I usually do. No. Stock still, head thrown back, mouth wide open, completely ignoring his presence passed out.
I don't like this at all. I do not like it, Sam-I-Am. So, I try to go to bed earlier. No way, Jose. I can screw my schedule up, but there's almost no way to fix it. I can not go to bed earlier if I try. Put me in a car? I slept all the way to New Hampshire once, simply because I was bored. I sleep through entire states on road trips. Georgia? Nope. We are not passing through Georgia with a conscious me.
I have formed a diabolical plot, though. I am going to get very little sleep tonight. I will go to bed early tomorrow. I will get very little sleep tomorrow. I am going to back it up until I get to sleep at midnight. Wish me luck!

Note: Why do people say "sleeping like a baby"? Babies are terrible at sleeping. They're always waking up screaming bloody murder. That's why you never see well-rested new mothers.

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