Saturday, July 14, 2012

Harry Potter

**SPOILERS** I feel the need to put this, even though everybody should have read the books/seen the movies already. I mean, the last book came out in 2007, and the last movie is two years old. But, still, I don't want to ruin it for anybody.

I love Harry Potter. I am a big fan of the characters, the books, some of the movies, everything. However, what I don't understand, is why people wanted to be around Harry. I mean, let's look at his life:
Infant, innocent child. A notorious dark wizard hunts you down and tries to KILL YOU. YOU ARE AN INFANT! The most you can do is spit up on his robes. He still wants you dead. Is that not sign one?
Fast forward a little bit to his first year at Hogwarts. He's eleven. The year's pretty nice, generally good. Until the end. Then he has a run-in with the same dark wizard who has taken over his DAtDA teacher's body. And somebody dies. Not to mention, his best friend nearly dies in a chess match. Well, that's okay. One person is dead because of Harry. (Well, sorta kinda two because he did defeat Voldemort as an infant.)
Year two. Strange happenings at Hogwarts. Not to mention, a house elf sends him multiple messages telling him to stay away from Hogwarts. He goes. Now, in his defense, he is twelve and doesn't have the best judgement. Fast forward. People start becoming petrified. They can not move. They're basically statues. (This happens to multiple people. Dumbledore only considers the possibility of shutting down Hogwarts. So, I think bad decision-making is just a trait common in wizards.) Everybody believes Harry is the heir of Slytherin. I think that, if anybody considered me to be the heir of a pretty negative person, I'd step back and take a long look at myself. But no. I digress. At the end of the year, Ron's sister nearly dies. Harry has, yet again, another run-in with Voldy. He is followed by the darkest wizard ever and people still hang out with him.
Year three. A very dangerous prisoner escapes and comes looking for Harry. He is found INSIDE the school. But Harry still roams free, as opposed to being kept away from what-could-easily-be innocent victims. Harry then ditches school, confronts said dangerous escapee, has a run-in with a werewolf, and almost loses his soul to Dementors. Why are people still his friends?
Year four. The well-protected goblet of fire only accepts wizards older than Harry. It will only spit out three names. Somehow, it spits out four. The fourth? Underage Harry Potter. After a slew of safe, just-for-fun, near-death experiences, Harry completes a maze. In the center of the maze? THE SAME DARK LORD THAT HAS BEEN GOING AFTER HARRY SINCE HE WAS AN INFANT. (Yes, I know it was a PortKey and everything. I'm just condensing everything.) Harry almost dies fighting this guy yet again and emerges. With a dead student. Yet people still think he's a great guy. Or marked by something that leads to near-death experiences time and time again.
Year five. Pretty boring year, we're skipping to the end. Voldemort, the recurring villain, shows up in the middle of the wizarding governmental building. Harry has to fight him. Again. His godfather dies, his best friend is brutally injured, lots of his peers almost die, but all is well. Harry is right. Let's stick around him.
Year six. Lots of craziness ending up with the safest place in the wizarding world being invaded by Voldy's minions. The headmaster, greatest wizard ever, dies. All of this is culminated by Harry's life.
Year seven is quite eventful. Harry, Ron, and Hermione drop out of school. Hermione erases her parents' memories. Ron puts his entire family at risk. Death Eaters crash the wedding. Voldemort's taken over the wizarding government. Harry goes on a clueless hunt across the English countryside, nearly killing himself and his friends many times, to destroy Voldy. This whole shebang ends in a giant battle at Hogwarts that winds up with every semi-main character dying. Harry dies. Death Eaters nearly destroy Hogwarts. Voldemort gets into the fray himself. (All ends well.)

But, throughout the years, people stay with near-death-experience-prone Harry. The kid attracts death, danger, and crazies like flies. Oh the craziness and poor decision-making that is the wonderful world of Harry. I still love him, though.

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