Sunday, April 1, 2012

In Love

I really wanted to post something today, but I couldn't think of what. But, then I decided, my posts don't always have to have a purpose! Sometimes, I can post just for grins and giggles! So now I shall post about some of the things that I just love! The only thing they'll have in common? They're all from my Pinterest!

I really like mohawks. But I don't think I could get one.

<3 Love the last few lines of this. I always make Fight Club references.

 Again with Fight Club
 I love this!
 So witchy and magical. Women are so powerful!
 Okay. So, pole dancing is often 99.999% of the time considered slutty. I, however, think it looks fun. Maybe I'll try a pole dancing class years from now.
Shakespeare! This is my quote. Because, you know, I'm 5'1.5" tall.

Again, very magical. I want a tarot deck. I think it'd be cool.

Maybe I'll cut my hair like this over the summer! I want to do something "drastic" to it. I really like the look of mohawks, and I could consider this. Because, should I grow tired of it, I can just cut it back to the short non-mohawk bit.

An undercut. She's so pretty!

Teal hair and an undercut.. So cool!

I really want to just steal this girl's outfit! No joke.

Girls with dreadlocks are super pretty. However, I could never commit to dreadlocks. I just want a girl friend who has them, so I can drool over her hair.

 This outfit is amazing and magical and I WANT IT!
 Alice in Wonderland quote
 A witch's box. I'm really excited for Halloween this year.
This just made me laugh

 If you don't know, I believe in gay marriage
Whip It! really makes me want to join roller derby. Maybe I'll do that when I'm older, along with pole dancing.

Her ear looks like a collage. I love it!

To me, this looks like a grade school.

I'd rather live with a cat than a lesbian. I love lesbians, don't get me wrong, but you can have more cats to a house than you can lesbians.

Pole dancing is pretty impressive.

So sad.

I'm guessing SNL, but I don't watch that show so...

Just.. Wow. I believe in gay rights, churches believe in anti-abortion and no gay rights. This is a fantastic question to be asking everybody.

Girls. With. Dreadlocks.


 So clever.
This is just too cute.

I need five thousand of these, dinner plate sized, so I can pass them out at school.

So pretty! Again, for Halloween.

Her hair is too pretty.

I would like A, B, D, F, I, I have J, and I want L.

I love the look of jars, vases, and vials.


This is so clever. And, actually, it's my desktop background right now!

She looks so free and bohemian!

Wrinkle in Time. It reminds me of my ChaCha. I think she was a creature, just like Mrs. Whatsit or Mrs. Who.

I just love vials. I wish I had a bajillion. I would fill them with things and wear them as necklaces. Especially for Halloween.

To me, this looks like a boho Buttercup, from The Princess Bride.

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