Monday, April 9, 2012

What's In My Bag?

I've seen all of my favorite YouTubers doing "What's In My Bag?" videos and I really wanted to do one as well. I recently cleaned out my bag, so now's the perfect time! However, I don't have editing software, and want this to be really quick. So, since I'm running behind on blog posts (sorry!), I thought I'd do this here!

My bag! It's "Tickle Me Elmo" and covered in pins. I have a crazy key chain, but no keys.

Sharma cards for my AP Human Geography class. (Hardest class ever. For those of you who haven't taken it, don't. I'm an A-B student, never gotten an A in that class, and it's so hard! And you know it's hard when somebody from the gifted school complains about it.)

My beauty bag! My Mama made it for me.

Lotion! I always carry a mini thing of lotion with me. This is "Carried Away" by Bath and Body Works. I highly recommend it.

Bobby pins! It's a cute little container of them.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in "Slice of Heaven" It smells delicious. I seriously just want to eat the lip gloss!

Deodorant! I always carry one with me and highly recommend it. I live in a hot climate, and this stuff is a lifesaver! It's Cherry Blossom scented, if you wanted to know.

Advil Liquigels! (Well, off-brand LiquiGels) I carry a mini thing with seven doses, since I am prone to nasty headaches. This is super tiny and has saved my life on multiple occasions. (It's a CVS brand. Just walk in and they have the big bottle and it comes with the mini bottle.)

A compact! I never use it, but girls always ask me if I have a mirror. So I thought I'd start carrying one!

A "Lady Bag". No, I'm not ashamed of it. It's a fact of life.

A book. "Chasing Vermeer" I really like it! It's a science, math, mystery, completely nerdy book. They made us read it in fifth grade, and I loved it! Highly recommend it!

Una hoja de papel en Espanol. It's my cheat-sheet for conjugations. My Spanish teacher gave us these as "parting gifts" and they are a complete lifesaver! Kids always ask where I got it, and say that it's a brilliant idea! Because it is.

Spanish homework. My Spanish teacher doesn't make us do the "Vosotros" form of things =( that drives me bonkers. BUT I did all of this sheet in two minutes, thanks to my Spanish cheat sheet! (If you guys want, I can blog everything on it for you. The cheat sheet, that is. That way, you can copy, paste, and save yourselves! Just let me know!)

"Teenage Waistland" is a really good book. I finished it in two days, and I really liked it. It's super cute! I highly recommend reading it! Maybe I should make a post about books. (Just realized that book titles should be italicized but it's late and I don't want to.)

Headphones. Don't know why, because I never use them. But I always have them!

An unsharpened pencil... 'cause those are necessary for every day use.


A "shopping list" that I made when I went to the mall this Saturday.

World of Coke glasses. These are actually just an inside joke with Ben. He went through my purse and was all, "Why do you still have these?" and I changed purses, and kept them. Just to amuse myself.

Emergency Mustaches.

My "State Issued ID" No, I don't have a permit or a license. I don't want mine. I'm plenty old enough to get one, I just don't feel the need to have one.

My HT+1 card.

Bug's Christmas picture! This is actually in my wallet's ID slot, because it's just so gosh-darned adorable! I love his little smile!

My school ID and it's lanyard. It's always in my bag, so that I'll never forget it! I was switching bags quickly before I went downtown a few weeks ago and I threw it in there. My mom was like, "Why are you putting it in there? You won't need your school ID downtown." But I just always have it, so I never forget it. Because I don't feel like either shelling out $5 or spending the day in ISS.

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