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Oh wait, actually, I'm not. Truth is, I've never, ever, ever been high. Or close to it. In fact, I've never smoked, or even been around weed. I actually think pot is stupid. But, whatever, I'm not going to jump up there on my soapbox and start looking down on you.
I just want to share some of my favorite experiences with you guys. Ones that were entirely sober. This mostly stems from CTC's art fair that was held tonight. I got to see all of the people that I love and have really missed. And it really does make me want to go "home."

"We could steal a hot air balloon, fly to Canada, get horses, and become Mounties! Then, nobody would mess with us." --Nick
This actually came from walking around downtown with some of my friends. This creepy 20-year-old (so he said, we didn't question it. Stupid move.) started hitting on Mary and hung out with us. He was pretty funny, actually. Not that I ever want to repeat that situation again, I just enjoy the memories that came of it.

I don't even remember how this came to be. I'm sure she has it on video somewhere.

"Plutoid!!! That is a nice navel!" --Riley & me
In Gym, in the locker rooms (because nothing's funny unless I'm in some state of undress), Riley and I were joking about bellybutton-fetishes that were popular in the Medieval times. Then I began to use some pickup lines such as, "Hey, nice navel" and it just stemmed from there. Riley is my Plutoid because we both consider ourselves to be too small to be considered full-size people, definitely too small to achieve the planetary status. So, we settled for the very inclusive Plutoid club.

"I would stand in front of a tree for you!" --Gabby
It sounds like he says "tree" instead of "train." We went with it.


MIKEY! Stop your mental voice.
-----I stopped.
Well, I can still hear it!
-----There are therapists for that." --Two different conversations with Sra. Goll
Gabby had herpes (actually, they were herpst for her braces. But she texted me and I thought she had misspelled "herpes" so it just rolled from there) and bands on her teeth. Taylor was poking them. Senora Goll yelled at her.
Mikey wanted to be chosen in class, but he was being ignored. So he just sent mental messages to Senora Goll. That's right, we tele-pathetically communicate.

"It's funny when you look like you're about to cut your nipple off." --Ashley
"Why are you pinching my weenus?
-----'cause it's a sexy weenus!" --Ashley and me
"She didn't even speak ENGLISH! She was, like, AUSTRALIAN!!!" --Sheena
...I don't even know...But I was laughing my butt off when I saw these.

We were reading a comic and the "I's" looked like "L's" so that's what Kellen read! It was really funny because he didn't even question that. He just screamed "YLLL PLLL" as loudly as possible.

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