Saturday, September 15, 2012


Tonight, I'm sitting on my bed, in my dress from the eighth grade dance, looking at old pictures. It really makes me think. These are moments in my life that were huge, and I can never get them back.
At the eighth grade dance, there are pictures of people mid-dance. It doesn't matter what song was playing, or what they were thinking, or what they had done earlier that day. Their boyfriends don't matter. It's a single form of free expression, captured in an instant. I've entirely forgotten what song was playing. I don't even know the playlist. But I do remember having the time of my life. I remember smiling and dancing with my friends. I remember all of their names.
And, in photos, things don't matter. The biggest things in my life at that point in time? They're silly now. I was heartbroken because of a selfish breakup, I was angry at one girl, and I felt like I was losing my friend. Guess what? That breakup doesn't matter. I'm in a new relationship. My ex? He's moved on, and has had a handful of other girlfriends. That girl I was angry at? She and I settled our differences, and barely talk. However, there's no animosity between us. The lost friend? She's gone, maybe for good.
My point is: Life goes on. Something that may be huge and encompassing one moment won't matter in a year. Don't sit and sulk about current or past moments. Trust me, I've done that. I wasted an entire year doing that. It didn't get me anywhere.
People will come and go. Most of them will leave, and most of them will leave memories and their stamps on your life. I've had over 400 people leave stamps and memories on mine. Do all of them matter? No. Not every memory is golden. Do I still talk to all of them? Most definitely not. I don't even talk to most of them. I certainly wouldn't change those memories for the world. I wish I could go back. However, I can't. I'm in high school now, and I'm going to make the best of it.

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